About Us

Innovation with results

The quality of Marconi's products is recognized in Brazil and abroad

Marconi is a 100% Brazilian company, born of an innovative idea in 1981.

Currently, we are one of the leaders of the industry segment in Brazil offering quality equipments, knowing deeply technologies and materials.

Marconi’s equipments ensure compliance for certification in various segments.

Marconi currently produces a diverse line of laboratory equipment: climatic chambers, ovens, water stills, fermenters, digesters, grease extractors, flow chambers, vacuum pump, mills, water purifiers, and presses with heating and cooling, extractors, sample splitters, used in industries, research centers, universities, in the development lab.

Special projects: a solution for every need

Special projects are developed to meet specific clients’ needs, integrating their projects.

The Marconi methodology: people, knowledge and technologies

Our methodology consists of sharing knowledge and technological convergences for each Project.

The relationship, of more than three decades, with research in universities and companies, allowed us to develop equipment to fit any activity.

We participate intensely in events, exhibitions and conferences.

Quality Policy

Continuous improvement of the utilized processes and constant upgrading of our team, formation of discriminating partnerships with full customer support.

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Marconi Equipamentos Para Laboratórios Ltda

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